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If you are a budding trader as far as options are concerned, i would suggest that you do not use any complicated option selling strategies. The reason is that it can invite unlimited risk if you sell options as a novice.

Instead, you can try your hand at buying options. This way, you can limit the risk right at the outset.

Let's say, Nifty is at 10700. There's a technical resistance around 10750. Now if it crosses that mark, go ahead and buy a 11000 call option. If it cannot breach 10750 and starts falling from here, buy a put. It's as simple as that. Go with the trend and buy a call or put as the case may be.

Options are not bad in themselves. Your understanding of trend may be the problem. So focus on identifying the trend. If your trend is correct, a simple call or put can earn you a lot.
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